• Franz Ehmann, "Many Things (it's a colourful world)", Spiro|Grace Art Rooms, Installation HD video still, 2014.

  • Detail: 'A New Day', Joel Rea.

  • Detail: Partner Canvas, 'Process, Study for a Portrait', Chris Inwood.

  • "Dissolve" Caitlin Franzmann.

  • Detail: 'Be Do Be Do Be Do', Judy Millar.

  • Detail: "Bloom" Hand built Southern Ice porcelain, driftwood, 2013, Megan Puls.

  • (Detail) "Unification Theory 2", 50 x 100 x 3cm, acrylic on canvas, 2012, Christian Flynn.

  • The FASST 2015.

Panoptic Press is a converged media, cross sector collaboration between the disciplines of art, art history, philosophy, psychology and the creative industries.

The development of an ecosystem of disciplines allows ideas and concepts to mingle and cohabitate, finding realisation and understanding through shared networks.

Designed to grow a critical voice throughout the broader arts sector, philosophically we foster a wide community of arts accessible to the broader community.

Dynamically affecting this broad community engagement with the humanities, commerce and technology, is primarily engaging with  an artistic zeitgeist.
  • iPad’s, tablets and the variety of handheld media devices at our disposal are rapidly altering the ways in which we experience many streams of information. As a flow on effect these devices are rapidly altering our interaction with the world at large.
  • Art does not and simply cannot ignore this converged reality of multimedia consumption. The consumption of media, the consumption of ideas, ideals, images and culture, put simply, it reflects the spirit of the times.
  • Throughout this twenty first century zeitgeist, it remains a common and accurate perception that individuals are demanding more information rich environments, inexpensively, conveniently, immediately and in personalized formats.
  • Through the organic development of  Panoptic Press, it is our intention to fuse a variety of disciplines in drilling down to the bedrock of associated artistic themes and showcasing these as filmed presentations.
  • By recognising the astute demands of a technically skilled end user, immediately extends past notions of an art historical critical production toward meeting the diversified concepts and acceptable formats of a young critical and dynamic audience.

Throughout Panoptic's publication cycle we will post a detailed index of artist's interviews and written critical debate to this website.

Through the development of our App, we intend bringing you the viewer closer to the work and artist through immersive content.

Panoptic Press is a not for profit Australian organization that sits within the echelons of the Australian arts sector and its subsidiaries.

Alumni of the University of Queensland the founding members of Panoptic Press adhere to a stringent process of editorial stewardship.